Need help convincing your Principal or Head of School? Try this prompt in ChatGPT!


There is an event, called ShiftinEdu, happening in Miami, FL on Sept. 25th and 26th, 2023. I will post more information about it beneath my request. I am an educator at [your school name] and my principal's name is [your principal's name]. Please write a persuasive letter, addressed to my principal, requesting to attend ShiftinEdu and have my expenses covered. Be sure to highlight what I will learn and mention how my attendance will not only benefit my professional growth, but support our school's mission and goals. The event's website is which should also be added to the letter to encourage my principal to learn more about the event, its incredible speaker lineup, session titles, and more. Here is information about ShiftinEdu:

ShiftinEdu is  a two-day learning event hosted by St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School, designed for forward-thinking educators who embrace evidence-based and innovative practices in K-12 environments. Attendees can learn from top educational thought leaders, researchers, and practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of how to design and deliver innovative learning experiences that prepare students for success. 

At ShiftinEdu, educators will have the opportunity to explore current trends, tools, and best practices to design engaging, relevant, and transformative learning experiences and environments. Participants will be able to attend various interactive workshops, presentations, and panel discussions covering topics such as generative artificial intelligence; educational technology; executive functioning; diversity, equity, and inclusion; leadership; Universal Design for Learning; and student-centered pedagogy. 

This conference will catalyze change, inspiring and empowering educators to embrace new technologies and approaches that will transform how we teach and learn. The conference will also provide ample opportunities for networking and building connections with like-minded educators.